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Attorneys Smith and Sivinski joined forces in 2007 at a law firm with practice areas that included criminal defense, labor union representation, personal injury litigation, and complex products liability cases. Mr. Sivinski brought with him his trial experience at power-house law firms including John Climaco’s law firm and Kelley & Ferraro.  Mr. Smith brought with him  experience as an attorney at Masters & Associates, where he developed expertise in representing labor unions and their ERISA plans, people with unemployment appeals, and providing aggressive criminal and OVI defense services. 

Having both come from working class families, they made it a priority to provide the highest quality representation possible to the working people of Ohio. They take pride in successfully taking on the largest law firms and the State of Ohio, empowering those who they serve.  In 2009, they transitioned to another firm together as law partners where they focused their representation on meeting these goals.   

In 2018, Mr. Smith formed The Law Offices of Brian J. Smith, ltd. with John Sivinski as his law partner. They made the decision to focus their practice on OVI and criminal defense, unemployment appeals and union labor law representation. While becoming leaders in their fields, they made the conscious decision to maintain a small firm atmosphere where every client receives their personal attention. They have successfully helped thousands of individuals with criminal and OVI charges, thousands of people with unemployment appeals, and consistently represented labor unions to success through arbitrations and negotiations. 

In 2023, John J. Ready, Jr. joined the firm.  He is bright, eager, confident and cognizant of the importance of providing the same personalized attention.  He has quickly demonstrated his ability to obtain positive outcomes for the people he serves and he understands that at Smith’s Law Offices, the three attorneys work together as a team on each and every case – bringing the best each has to offer to every person served.

Attorney Brian J. Smith
Attorney John A. Sivinski

Brian J. Smith, Esq.

Founder and Member/Shareholder

Practice areas include Criminal Defense, OVI/DUIs, Employment Law, Union Labor Law.

John A. Sivinski, Esq.


Practice areas include Criminal Defense, OVI/DUIs, Employment Law, Union Labor Law, Workplace Injury.

John J. Ready, Jr., Esq.


Practice areas include Criminal Defense, OVI/DUIs, White Collar Criminal Defense, Employment Law, and Union Labor Law.
John J. Ready, Jr., Attorney

Out-of-Office Notice - through August 3, 2023

While we typically encourage and provide free consultations every day, Mr. Smith will be unavailable to provide consultations until August 4, 2023. He will be available for free consultations after that time.

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